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Anyone who believes that cycling should not be promoted in our cities is seriously out of touch with the reality of urban, environmental and personal well-being. Bike clutter is not the problem — pedestrian safety is. A few years ago an acquaintance was killed by a bicyclist riding the wrong way down a Manhattan street.

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It seems that every Manhattanite I know has had either a narrow escape or injury from a delivery, messenger or ordinary bicyclist. I have, however, often seen bicyclists race down bike lanes outside hospitals, playgrounds and senior citizen residences as if they were practicing for the Tour de France.

The Need for Dialogue

Most noncommercial bicyclists are prudent, but as with cars, the police need to guard the public from the aggressors not just behind the wheel, but above two wheels. As a teenager I spent a year living in The Hague, in the Netherlands. I rode a bicycle every day — to school, to see friends, to the park and to shop. It was a glorious year. But New York City is not the Netherlands.

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  • Essay dialog about environment!
  • Dialog essay about environment.
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The Dutch have built a complete infrastructure for their bicycles. All cities, towns and highways have separate bicycle lanes, with curbs separating the bike from the auto traffic.

What His Plans Would Do

And the downtowns have bicycle parking garages scattered here and there, where the bikes are stacked and hung in very small spaces, allowing for storage off the street or sidewalk. Aside from the impossibility of building such an extensive network of new bicycle lanes, just coming to terms with the storage is, I believe, more than New York City can manage.

I live in Washington, D.

Here is how it will probably play out for New York. This will be fashionable for a while because people like to complain about change. Then, one by one, people will use a bike to get home in a pinch. Once is all it will take. The bikes themselves are terrible, but this is probably the first time most of these people have been on a bicycle since childhood. It will show them that it comes back quite quickly.

Like riding a bike, as they say. Then, they will buy their own bikes.

Dialogue Writing Between Two Friends About Corruption Essay - - የኢትዮጵያ እግር ኳስ ፌዴሬሽን

Bike sharing is a gateway drug. More bikes are coming. Moreover, once they are here, people will continue to use them. Bicycling is simply a more legitimate form of urban transportation. You have a shot at free parking, a chance to not worry about traffic jams and a fun commute to work. Taustine is right that in a densely populated city like New York, we must look to use our space efficiently and equitably.

In order to clear the sidewalks of locked bikes, the city should build more on-street bike corrals, which can hold upward of 20 bikes where only one car could have been, previously. This is a much more efficient use of urban space. But bikes are instruments of a more fundamental equality.

Dialogue between two friends on environmental pollution

Driving in New York is a privilege afforded to those who can pay the high insurance rates, inevitable parking tickets and gas costs, not to mention the price of the vehicles themselves, which rise to the level of status symbols. We have chosen to present a number of different angles, in order to encourage a broad and open-minded dialogue about some fundamental issues associated with ecology and enlightenment of the general public.

In many contexts the Danish tradition of public enlightenment has been deprived of its dialogical element, and has thus degenerated into mere information, and 'ecology' has become a term merely denoting 'something to do with the environment' - something we are free to relate to or not.

However, since ecology is about fundamental conditions for life on earth, its scope reaches into all spheres of life.

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Basically, there is no such thing as choosing to not be interested, or leaving it to experts and eco-NGO's. That would be tantamount to having them breathe for us. Ecology is about interaction and communication, between organisms and between people. And it draws on a man-nature dialogue. Essays on ecology. Ecology means dialogue.

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