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After delivering a shattering defeat to French forces, England gained the support of the Burgundians in France.

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Around this time, Joan of Arc began to have mystical visions encouraging her to lead a pious life. Over time, they became more vivid, with the presence of St. Michael and St. Catherine designating her as the savior of France and encouraging her to seek an audience with Charles—who had assumed the title Dauphin heir to the throne —and ask his permission to expel the English and install him as the rightful king.

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At first, Charles was not certain what to make of this peasant girl who asked for an audience and professed she could save France. Joan, however, won him over when she correctly identified him, dressed incognito, in a crowd of members of his court.

Relics of St Joan of Arc: History in a Minute (Episode 70)

The two had a private conversation during which it is said Joan revealed details of a solemn prayer Charles had made to God to save France. Still tentative, Charles had prominent theologians examine her. The clergymen reported they found nothing improper with Joan, only piety, chastity and humility.

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In a series of battles between May 4 and May 7, , the French troops took control of the English fortifications. Joan was wounded, but later returned to the front to encourage a final assault. By mid-June, the French had routed the English and , in doing so, their perceived invincibility as well.

Joan was at his side, occupying a visible place at the ceremonies. The Burgundians took her captive and held her for several months, negotiating with the English, who saw her as a valuable propaganda prize. Finally, the Burgundians exchanged Joan for 10, francs. Charles VII was unsure what to do. She was charged with 70 counts, including witchcraft, heresy and dressing like a man.

Initially the trial was held in public, but it went private when Joan of Arc bettered her accusers. Between February 21 and March 24, , she was interrogated nearly a dozen times by a tribunal, always keeping her humility and steadfast claim of innocence. Instead of being held in a church prison with nuns as guards, she was held in a military prison.

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