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The tales are appealing partially because of the light-hearted comedy dispersed throughout the narrative. The tales also heavily feature marvelous and supernatural elements such as sorcerers, spirits, magic, and a variety of mythical creatures. Each tale also imparts a lesson upon the reader but is layered enough to provide room for ambiguity and differing interpretations. For others, the stories are a useful source on colloquial culture in the Abbasid Empire and provide a glimpse into everyday life in cities like Baghdad, Basra, and Cairo.

They reveal much about commerce and economic life in the Islamic world during the medieval period as well.

The tales also regularly mention the religious diversity throughout this world, noting Muslims, Christians, Jews, and pagans. We see here a clear portrayal of how women can hold on their power other than things like sex,beauty and desire.

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Instead we see the women holding onto her power with her generosity. Later in the story this act of generosity is what saves her as the scene when she tries to save a baby from drowning the food that she gave to the old man comes and restores her hands. Seen in the story the power of generosity helps her retain her power as a woman. Where the wife used her intelligence to retain her power. Having this attribute helps her both gain her actual lover and getting rid of her husband.

But the exact thing women were valued during this time overcomes her and she fails to get what she wants.

The thousand and One Nights: Gender and Power Dynamics

Instead of holding onto her power with her intelligence she lets her love and sexual desire for the neighbor get the best of her thus leading her both to lose her love and the treasure. Women are rarely given voices and are only to be desired by men. We are introduced to this character named Ala-al-din even is considered the protagonist is actually a character that is filled with greed. This idea shows one of the framings of women in the thousand and one nights as in this case we see the daughter acting as a desirable object. The theme of Aladdin seems to focus on this idea that the whole rag to riches theme can be only achieved by the feeling of greed. That if you want a better life for yourself you will have to be greedy. Ala Al-Din also shows his power by outsmarting the genie Before meeting the genie Ala al din is seen as a low life as he is very poor but we see this quickly turn around when he meets the genie and is then transformed into a wealthy respectable man.

In The Thousand and One Nights, power is shown in every story and character, whether it be from an exorbitant amount or an utter lack of power.

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In a kingdom terrorized by a merciless ruler who was destroying the female population, one young woman gives herself up in order to help the people. Shahrazad volunteers to be given to King Shahrayar, knowing that she could be.

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The Thousand and One Nights is a story where the King, after realizing his wife to be adulterous, weds a new woman each night and puts her to death at dawn to avoid ever being hurt again. In The Thousand and One Nights tales, both the father, the Vizier, and his daughter, Shahrazad utilize animals for the purpose of manipulating together tales that embody.

People tend to assume that for a King to be successful, he needs to gain the respect of his kingdom and not be questioned whatsoever. No one believes someone, a woman, can overpower a King by only using words. In the beginning of this. To have a such a source of knowledge from many different countries over a long period of time is a literature goldmine, which demands to be studied. There is a element of surprise when the author -or in this case authors- create more than just a descriptive narrative.

One might simply think that to write. A Thousand and One Nights is a tale about the over-sexed east which is favored by the sexually repressed west when applied to and analyzed under the lens of Orientalism.

The Arabian Nights: One Thousand and One Nights

These traits were seen as socially taboo to the west, especially those in Victorian Europe who helped the. Underlying Power One thousand and one nights, one thousand and one moral stories. The story of The Thousand and One Nights is a unique tale that teaches simple morals throughout the many stories within the main story.