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Students whose word count exceeds this will compromise the assessment of their reflection as higher order reflections are be more likely to be present in the latter stages of the reflection process. Once students have written their reflection and have been signed and dated by their supervisor they must not make changes to these comments.

Examiners want to see the progression of ideas through the three reflection comments and if students make amendments at a later stage of the process this will undermine the authenticity of their experiences and affect the way in which examiners apply criterion E. It is, however, expected that early in the extended essay process students will receive appropriate guidance regarding the allocation of words to the three reflection statements. If the student discovers that it will not be possible to obtain the evidence needed in the time available , the research question should be changed.

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Extended essay

Select a School Select a School. Sign In. Search Our Site. Criterion F: application of analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to the subject. A thorough understanding of the reliability of all data used to support the argument should be shown. Inadequate experimental design or any systematic errors should be exposed. The magnitude of uncertainties in physical data should be evaluated and discussed. Approximations in models should be accounted for and all assumptions examined thoroughly.

Where possible, the quality of sources accessed or data generated should be verified by secondary sources or by direct calculations. Correct chemical terminology and nomenclature should be used consistently and effectively throughout the extended essay. Relevant chemical formulas including structural formulas , balanced equations including state symbols and mechanisms should be included.

The correct units for physical quantities must always be given and the proper use of significant figures is expected. The conclusion must be consistent with the argument presented and should not merely repeat material in the introduction or introduce new or extraneous points to the argument.

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In chemistry, it is almost always pertinent to consider unresolved questions and to suggest areas for further investigation. This criterion relates to the extent to which the essay conforms to academic standards about the way in which research papers should be presented.

The presentation of essays that omit a bibliography or that do not give references is deemed unacceptable level 0. The essay must not exceed 4, words of narrative. Graphs, figures, calculations, diagrams, formulas and equations are not included in the word count.

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For experiments where numerical results are calculated from data obtained by changing one of the variables, it is generally good practice to show one example of the calculation. The remainder can be displayed in tabular or graphical form. The abstract is judged on the clarity with which it presents an overview of the research and the essay, not on the quality of the research question itself, nor on the quality of the argument or the conclusions. Intellectual initiative: Ways of demonstrating this in chemistry essays include the choice of topic and research question, and the use of novel or innovative approaches to address the research question.

Insight and depth of understanding: These are most likely to be demonstrated as a consequence of detailed research and thorough reflection, and by a well-informed and reasoned argument that consistently and effectively addresses the research question.

Originality and creativity: These will be apparent by clear evidence of a personal approach backed up by solid research and reasoning. Example extended essay Extended essay examiners report Extended essay in chemistry The following is an overview of the extended essay guidelines for chemistry IBO documents An extended essay in chemistry provides students with an opportunity to investigate a particular aspect of the materials of our environment. Choice of topic It is important that the extended essay has a clear chemical emphasis and is not more closely related to another subject.

Example essay titles The following examples of titles for chemistry extended essays are intended as guidance only. Title The ratio of the gases evolved at the positive electrode during the electrolysis of common salt solution Research question Is there a relationship between the concentration of aqueous sodium chloride solution and the ratio of the amounts of oxygen and chlorine gas that are evolved at the positive electrode during electrolysis.

Title The caffeine content of a cup of tea Research question Does the time it takes to brew a cup of tea using a specific commercial brand of tea leaves significantly alter the amount of caffeine that is dissolved in the drink? Title Analysis of strawberry jellies by paper chromatography Research question The use of paper chromatography to determine whether strawberry jellies obtained from 24 different countries in 5 different continents all contain the same red dyes.

Treatment of the topic An extended essay in chemistry may be based on literature, theoretical models or experimental data. Interpreting the assessment criteria Criterion A: research question Many research questions can be formulated as an actual question or questions. Criterion B: introduction The purpose of the introduction is to set the research question into context, that is, to relate the research question to existing knowledge in chemistry. Criterion C: investigation The way in which the investigation is undertaken will depend very much on whether or not the essay contains experimental work performed by the student.


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Criterion D: knowledge and understanding of the topic studied Students should show that they understand fully the underlying chemistry behind the context of their research question and their subsequent investigation. Criterion E: reasoned argument Students should be aware of the need to give their essays the backbone of a developing argument.

Criterion F: application of analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to the subject A thorough understanding of the reliability of all data used to support the argument should be shown. The Stack Overflow podcast is back! Listen to an interview with our new CEO. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What counts as a word when dealing with a word limit? Ask Question. Asked 8 years, 1 month ago. Active 8 years, 1 month ago. Viewed 18k times. However, it is not clear which of the following words will count toward my word count in decreasing order of word count : Figure and table legends Abstract Citations Math equations Section headings Numbers Which of these uses count toward a word limit?

Bonus: how strict are editors with word limits? David LeBauer.


Generally, the word count would not include the title page, if you have one. Words used in tables or graphs, including the legends, would not normnally be included. If you use abstracts as part of the body of your material, then they would be included. Citations, on the other hand, would not.