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This section should offer a description of the ways in which applicants will engage outside of the grant activity to fulfill this mission. How will applicants plan to share their culture and values in their host community? Specific ideas should be included. Plans Upon Return to the U. What do you propose to do?

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What is innovative about the research? What are the specific research goals and methodologies? What is important or significant about the project?

What contribution will the project make toward the Fulbright goal of promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding? When will you carry out the project? Include a rough timeline.

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Where do you propose to conduct your study or research? Why was this location s chosen? Why do you want to undertake this project? What are your qualifications for carrying out this project? Why does the project have to be conducted in the country of application? How will your project help further your academic or professional development?

How will you engage with the host country community? Give specific ideas for civic engagement.

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Address the following points: How will the culture and politics of the host country impact the work? Will the resources of the host country support the project? Have you developed a connection with a potential adviser in the host country who has knowledge of the research topic and access to other appropriate contacts in the field? Do you have sufficient language skills for the project being proposed and to serve the basic purposes of the Fulbright Program?

If not, how will you accomplish these goals? You should consider that, even if a country indicates that English will be sufficient for carrying out the proposed project, for purposes of Community Engagement, at least a basic level of language skill should be obtained prior to leaving the United States for the host country. What are your plans for improving your language skills, if they are not adequate at the time of application? Are there any possible feasibility concerns that the project could provoke? For applicants proposing to enroll in graduate degree programs , address the following points: While acquiring a graduate degree abroad is generally not an objective for most U.

Why do you want to pursue the proposed program in the country to which you are applying? What are your reasons for selecting a particular institution? Why do you want to gain a better understanding of the peoples and cultures of your host country? Please demonstrate a commitment to the community through volunteer and extra-curricular activity. Do you have sufficient language skills to successfully complete the program? Do you have the flexibility and dynamism necessary for active involvement in the host country? Be clear and concise.

The individuals reading the proposal want applicants to get to the point about the 'who, what, when, where, why and how' of the project. Avoid discipline-specific jargon. Organize the statement carefully. Don't make reviewers search for information. Adhere to the proper format: Length is limited to a maximum of two single-spaced pages. Longer statements will not be presented to the screening committee. Do not include any bibliographies, publications, citations, etc.

Use 1-inch margins and Times New Roman point font. International students. Visiting Fulbright Professors in the U. Fulbright Scholars who had grants to your host country. Directories are available here. Internet searches of faculty at potential host institutions with your interests, or organizations in the host country that work with issues related to your topic.

Other U. Contacts from previous experience abroad. Educational Advising sections of Embassies or Consulates of your potential host country. Scanned versions of the original hard-copy letters with hand-written signatures should be uploaded into the application, and the letter writers can either send the original hard-copy letters or electronic copies to the applicants.

Since affiliation letters are not confidential, you will upload the letter yourself into the online application system.

How to Write Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) Personal Essay/Statement

Affiliation letters written in a foreign language must be translated into English and both the original letters and the English-language translations must be uploaded into the application. Instructions on uploading letters of affiliation are available in the Fulbright online application system. IIE will not accept any affiliation letters via email or fax.

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Adhere to the proper format: The affiliation letter must be printed on institutional letterhead and must be signed by the author. Copies of email correspondence will not be accepted. Yet such analysis is important if we want to understand how the teaching force is constructed as a historical, political, and social actor within a particular national context.

In this way, we gain insight into the ways in which teacher identities influence teacher practice, and how that practice is related to broader social and cultural contexts. This collection consisted of over beautiful small works of art on paper that he commissioned, as well as hundreds of exlibris he exchanged with fellow collectors. The film, tentatively entitled Ex Libris , will raise questions of imprint, memory, loss, and longing.

I am interested in this Fulbright award at the [host university] because, as an American politics scholar, I am ideally suited to teach courses that are central to its Program in Global and American Studies. I have expertise in the subject area, having published several books and a number of book chapters and articles on American political institutions and politics.

I also have the ability to incorporate a comparative element into the instruction of American politics to make my lecturing understandable, relevant, and enjoyable to an international audience and the enthusiasm and facility to collaborate with international scholars abroad. A Fulbright award will provide me the opportunity to extend [home institution] existing relationship with the [host institution] to our regional campus in [city], which is currently focusing on internationalizing its curricula and placing greater emphasis on global studies.

The number of blind persons in [host country] in was estimated to be For example, in the National Initiative for the Blind, a joint venture between [institutions] was established to teach mothers of children with visual impairment the basics skills of Braille so they can provide early intervention to their children to improve their literacy and computer skills. The Fulbright Scholar Program would enable me to build on my knowledge by using the expertise I have gained over the years.

Teaming with [host institution] faculty to move a vision education program forward is a challenge I welcome at this point in my career. More importantly, a global perspective of the lives of people with visual impairment will increase my repertoire of techniques and strategies these individuals use for independent functioning.

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I propose to examine the key political-economy-question—how do you allocate the allowances? From a pure economic perspective, this question is irrelevant. It does not matter whether allowances are sold or given away—the scarcity of the allowances will ensure they will have a price that reflects the marginal cost of controlling GHG emissions. However, from a distributional perspective, the allocation of allowances is the question.

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It is estimated that the value of allowances in the U. Clearly, if you are a firm producing greenhouse gases, it matters to you whether you have to buy them or get them for free….

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The other side of the auction question is what would be done with the revenue raised from an allowance auction? Again, powerful political interests square off over this question. Some say the money should be used to offset the impact of higher fuel costs on the poor. It could also be used to reduce other taxes, pay down the debt, fund social security or anything on which the government spends money. This project begins with the hypothesis that the pedagogical perspectives and practices of teachers will be influenced by their personal and professional identities.

However, they also are influenced by the institutional structures and ideological traditions embedded within the national educational context. The goal is to understand the ways in which [host country] teachers experience and understand what it means to be a teacher, and how these experiences and understandings are mitigated by the different identity positions they hold. Using multiple methods, including survey, observations, interviews, and journaling, the project will map the teacher-identity landscape and how teachers navigate within this landscape in order to provide a broader understanding of what it means to be a teacher in [host country] in the 21st century.