Honors biology book report

Use your smartphone and a few other materials to make your own digital microscope. Include in your final product a portfolio of images you were able to capture with your creation.

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Cancer Research Paper Write a research paper about a type of cancer of your choice. You are responsible for finding acceptable sources, organizing the information, and writing an informative research paper. Questions to consider include: 1 Is the cancer usually inherited, environmental, or either? Stop Motion Mitosis Project Using available materials i. Take a minimum of 24 pictures total of the different stages of the cycle. Make very small changes to transition from phase to phase pictures between each phase change.

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Label the stages and important parts of the cell as you are taking your pictures. Upload into Stop-Motion software to create your Stop-Motion video.

Make sure you represent the cell membrane and nucleus. Before a cell begins mitosis, each chromatid replicates, or makes an exact copy of itself. Note: In a real cell, the DNA is not visible as chromosomes, but for this lab, we will start with somewhat visible chromosomes. Label the centromere, sister chromatids, nuclear membrane, cell membrane, and chromosomes.

Anything that appears new or needs to be stressed in you animation should be labeled.

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Answer these questions and submit them with your video product. What is the final step of the cell cycle that follows Telophase? Why is mitosis important? What does mitosis do that the cell would do wrong if it just split down the middle in cell division? How many chromosomes are present in each daughter cell in this lab? Why was it necessary to replicate the chromosomes during the S synthesis phase before mitosis began?

A common biological study specimen, the fruit fly, has four pairs of chromosomes in each cell. As it grows, it reproduces more cells via mitosis. How many chromosomes would you expect to find in each new cell? Photosynthesis Song Make a video or write a song that helps other students memorize the reactants and products of phtosynthesis you can choose cellular respiration instead.

Or, complete the same assignment on the topic of why leaves change colors in the fall. How is it related to topics discussed in Unit 4? Family Pedigree Trait Tree Research a specific trait in your family history i. Make a family tree pedigree that illustrates the phenotypes and possible genotypes for everyone in your immediate family for at least three generations.

Make sure to define the trait and the inheritance pattern as well as include photos when possible. Complete the project in one of the following formats: 1 poster, 2 booklet, or 3 slideshow. Your final submission will be graded for accuracy. Dragon Genetics. Your model should highlight the various structures of the DNA molecule including the individual components of nucleotides.

Honors biology book report

Also, use "shape" or "fit" to depict how a "purine" is hydrogen bonded to a "pyramidine". Additionally, remember that the two sides of the double helix are running in opposite directions. The purpose of this project is to build a model to be used as a teaching tool for other students.

Thus, your model should be accurate, attractive, sturdy, and informative. Sign In. Search Our Site.

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District Connections. Menus Apply Online Payments. Our School ". Treiber, Lori. Welcome to Ms. Central Cabarrus High. We will be working hard this semester to master Biology the Blended STEM way- you will spend half of your class time face to face with me and the other half will be in a collaborative space with online work.

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  • Many projects will be involved as we move through the material. Please click on the Info folder to the left to download the semester calendar and additional information concerning the course. These grades will only be for online work. I like the whole concept of the company! However, it has been always so hard to find that many of us had to write papers for academia by ourselves and get poor. Our customer support agent will call you back in 15 minutes. Our customer support agent will call you back within 15 minutes.

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