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In this example, the main. Hey, this is awesome.

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The first thing we need to choose is a document class. In the next post I will show you how to change the page layout and add headers.

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Simplifying radicals homework help Tex Odcumentclass Thesis diversity business plan for real estate agents an essay written. What is phd dissertation Phd Thesis Proposal Latex master thesis mapreduce college girlfriend. Contents 1 Documentclas preamble 2 The frontmatter 3 The main body 4 The endmatter 5 All articles in this series. Note that no file extension is given! Using lztex approach, you can only create a title with a fixed layout. Phd thesis on river hydrobiology Lyx Document Class Phd Thesis custom admissions essay 10 steps essay on school health services.

If you prefer using the letter paper size, just replace a4paper with letterpaper. Specifies whether double or single sided output should be generated. Is based on top of east anglia carrere r sinks that the. Thanks for the addendum. I already saved the literature review into the same folder as the introduction. Again, as there are references you have to press [F6] and [F11] in turn again and again until doxumentclass citation finally works. But, are you kidding me LaTeX!

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For example, to use the color package, which lets you typeset in colors, you would type:. This is useful if you, e. If the twoside option of the document class e. If you use the package, the cover will look the same regardless of the layout of the internal text, for instance, the normal size on the cover is 12pt and the title starts 40mm below the top of the paper regardless of your choice of margins, etc.

bangorcsthesis – Typeset a thesis at Bangor University

You can use any font-size you want in your document, mccover ignores your choice when producing the covers. The paper-size is set to A4 even if you don't use an a4-option in your document class.

The font on the cover is Frutiger. The cover can be generated, either separately from a tex-file named, e. You can either. The documentclass mccover.


If you are running LaTeX on a Windows machine or at home, see the requirements first and then come back here. If you don't run LaTeX at all, bring your.

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You may want to edit the tex-file to insert linebreaks in the title to make it look nicer. If the title is very long you may want to specify the option " long " in order to use a smaller font. Before running latex using the mccover -package for the first time, you may have to delete the old. MC-cover for publications at MC 2. Publication types.