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This course introduces students to formal and rhetorical writing practices at the post-secondary level, with an emphasis on literary analysis and close reading. Instruction and practice will be integrated with the study of literature drawn from a broad range of historical periods, cultural perspectives, social contexts, and literary genres including fiction, poetry, drama, non-fiction articles and essays, news media, and other cultural texts. Specific themes and texts will vary between sections.

Build on your introductory knowledge of the scientific study of behaviour and the mind.

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  4. Focus on the study of cognition thinking , intelligence and creativity, motivation and emotion, personality, health, stress, and coping, psychological disorders, therapies, and social behaviour. Explore introductory sociology through the study of social relations, community, and society. Learn about the institutions of Canadian society, such as family, politics, ethnicity, education, and religion. Apply previously learned concepts of social work practice in a practicum setting. Demonstrate knowledge and application of social work interviewing and assessment skills at a beginner level.

    Build on theory and practice skills and integrate communication and interview skills with theoretical models and concepts to provide a framework for client assessment. Learn a systematic approach to effectively assess and intervene with clients. Study concepts that address oppression and oppressed peoples, from a historical and a contemporary perspective and apply these concepts to social work practice models. Explore issues associated with internalized dominance and oppression.

    Apply different theories and perspectives to provide a framework for practice. This course explores the development of Canadian political institutions and political issues in Canada. The student will learn about contemporary Canadian politics by examining the evolution of federalism, the Constitution, parliament, Aboriginal and minority rights, the welfare state, multiculturalism, and similar topics.

    The course focuses on teaching critical thinking and writing skills by testing normative and empirical theories against Canadian historical and contemporary evidence. Transfer: UC More details. Study the biological, cognitive, moral, emotional, and social changes that occur in an individual during the human lifespan. Examine the theory and definitions of community, community organization, and community development, as well as related concepts.

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    Consider power and equity in relation to oppression, and apply models of intervention and strategies for change to diverse communities. Study the varied roles of the social worker in community practice and apply principles of community work. Focus on the processes and dynamics of group work in social work practice. Explore the theoretical underpinnings of group work with an emphasis on skill development. Focus on identifying values and practices that differ across cultures and consequently impact group work. Examine a variety of group types, phases of group development, intervention techniques, and leadership qualities.

    This course provides a forum for senior social work students to reflect upon and consolidate their learning from the Year 1 practicum experience and prepare for the Year 2 agency-based practicum in the spring.

    Drawing upon their previous practicum experience and a broader theoretical and conceptual knowledge base, students will have the opportunity to increase their skills and competence in advance of the Year 2 practicum. Focus on the role of the social worker in assessing, intervening in, and supporting the family across its lifespan.

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    Explore the historical evolution of family member roles, functions, and characteristics. Integrate practicum experience with classroom learning. Study social policy and its relationship to and impact on social work. Discuss social policy concepts and apply them to a variety of Canadian policy issues and societal trends. Examine the benefits and disadvantages of established social policies from the perspectives of marginalized groups. Approach mental health from a holistic and multicultural practice perspective.

    Examine the traditional medical model of illness and non-traditional cultural practices in mental health. Explore common mental health disorders in relationship to different cultural groups.

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    Examine in-depth two common abuse situations in contemporary family contexts: violence and addictions. Understand the cycle of violence and its impact on families and communities. Identify addictive substances and behaviours, issues associated with power and control, and impact they have on diverse communities.

    Identify and understand the role of social workers as managers within many types of organizations. Learn the major functions of management and the importance of administration in organizations that provide social services. Examine attitudes and issues relevant to social work in light of the different responsibilities of the social work manager. There are no further intakes available for this academic year.

    Introduction to Composition The course has a strong focus on essay composition and analysis. More details 45 Lecture 0 Lab 0 Work Experience 3.

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    Health Education: Individual Health and Wellness Gain an overview of the physical, social, psychological, environmental, and spiritual aspects of personal health and wellness within the context of the community, the Canadian health-care system, and the global environment. Introduction to Psychology This course is the basic foundation course in psychology. The Helping Process Focus is on the helping process, which is the essence of social work practice. Social Work Field Education Laboratory I Develop and heighten your awareness of and readiness for social work field education.

    More details 0 Lecture 30 Lab 0 Work Experience 2. For Part ie A only, all students may use a print dictionary single language or bilingual , a thesaurus, and an authorized writing handbook. The list of writing handbooks authorized for student use while completing Part A of the English Language Arts 30—1 and English Language Arts 30—2 examinations meet these conditions and may be used when writing a Social Studies diploma exam, with two exceptions.

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    Finnbogason and A. The following dictionaries are also appropriate for use when writing Part ie A of the Social Studies 30 and Social Studies 33 examinations:. Click here to view Alberta Education's calculator policy. Skip to Content schools stmarys stmarys