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Management fee, annual fee, activity fee, infrastructure fee, tuition fee, lab fee etc. However there are other benefits for children and society. Firstly, the regimen of going to school develops a sense of discipline in them. At school, also, a series of activities and events one after the other, period after period enables them to multitask as well as consolidate at the same time. Moreover, schooling helps children in making new friends. As a result their maturity and confidence grows enabling a fulfilling life for them. Furthermore schooling provides a healthy competitive environment where children can analyze their strengths and shortcomings with respect to their peers.

To conclude, I believe that education is a must for all and attending schools is equally important. Schooling should be encouraged to make a liberal, open and better future for everyone. Both choices have pros and cons, but in my opinion, attending public school is a better choice for a student then a homeschoolling. On the one hand, benefits of homeschooling cannot be overlooked.

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Students have flexible timetable and individual approach taking into account special needs of a child. Parents or tutors can adjust method of delivering information and pay attention to topics that student cannot understand. Also, it is known that information obtained in quite environment without any pressure or noise is easy to understand and memorise.

Moreover, children in homeschools will not have a bad experience of bulling and unhealthy competition.

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However, human beings are social beings and children learn from peers and adult how to cope with the social issues. Modern educational curriculum pays lots of attention on developing social and emotional skills. Facing with good and bad examples of behavior children learn what is good and bad and this play crucual role in personal establishment. Also, schools have facilities for extra activities such as sport and art that can help develop child's talents and interests. In addition, school friend are usually become longlife friends. As an illustration, my best friend is my school friend, i know her from preschool and for me she is like sister.

In conclusion, parents want to make the best choise for their children,and the method of eduction is the crutual one. So all benefits and drowbacks should be taken into account. But in my opinion, public schools are the perfect place for harmonious development of a child.

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Jul 04, Homeschooling or School Essay by: Anonymous a lot of new words. I can't understand. Jul 04, homeschooling by: Anonymous very useful thanks. Jul 18, Home schooling by: Anonymous Good explanation and using good vocabulary but in the first paragraph there is one point. That is not getting clear to the readers about what you want to explain.

go to site Otherwise your essay is fantastic. Jul 30, thanks by: Anonymous Very strong and easy Thanks. Sep 17, writing by: Anonymous very coherent. You just need to word it carefully to make sure it is clear you are showing other people's views, and not your own. This can be more difficult if you have weaker writing skills.

If you are less confident about this and have more difficultly expressing yourself, then you are better to just stick with the disadvantages, as this will be easier. May 26, home schooling essay by: Anonymous Very strong Thank you. Jan 22, helpful material by: fozia the essay has new ideas, new words, and coherence. What do you think? Follow ieltsbuddy. Recent Articles. Connect with us. Search site search by freefind advanced.

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Nov 07, Nov 16, Please check my Homeschooling Essay and let me know where I have to improve by: Anonymous Some believe that it is better to teach children at home whereas the majority of people believe that it is highly recommended to send them to school for their better development. Oct 12, Title by: Anonymous Why there is no title? Oct 14, Nov 26, Homeschooling Essay by: Anonymous Task response is very much straightforward from the beginning and illustrations are very logical. Feb 27, Feb 03, Sep 30, A person who knows to drive a motorcycle hits the road with ease, but only in his motorcycle.

Both vehicles ply on the road, but to drive a car it needs extra efforts by the same person, extra skills to manoeuvre the car, etc. If you joined your organisation at the most basic level and you are ambitious to grow up the ladder, you need supportive skills. These extra skills are gained by putting in your time and energy in a course that gives you extra edge to soar higher in your career ladder.

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In short, making time for achieving higher education in your chosen filed will directly reflect on your career prospects and you can definitely aim for promotions and perks in your work field. These days nobody sits with a single job in hand throughout his or her lifetime. Everybody likes to taste success at new destinations.

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We can get this only from higher education. All the skills and specialisations derived from higher education help a person to explore unexplored territories and achieve higher excellence in life. The more you study, the more you broaden your horizon and hence your perspective undergoes a serious transformation. A person who has completed higher education certainly has a better perspective and ideas to help in community and societal development and has the capability to build a citizen friendly nation.

Ideas and innovations that are garnered from people who have sought higher education provide a global competing space for the nation as a whole. If we like to prepare a strawberry cake, we try to find out the recipe and try it at our kitchen. Probably, the next time we may try to add some more ingredients to make it more delicious. Another time, we may add a touch of experimentation to give it a better look. So, every time the cake gets a higher level of transformation than the previous one. In a similar way, a person pursues higher education out of passion too!

If he loves to specialise in a subject, he would love to study more and gather more knowledge out of his previous degrees.

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Now, will guide you with the best steps to write the thesis statement for education. Your first step to compose the thesis statement is to pose a question. Your subject may be easy or complicated. However, you have to identify the question for presenting its answer. Your thesis statement works as the answer to this question. Education always helps us to overcome our physical frailties, and that is why we can live longer than most other creatures in this planet. You can use two to three lines for creating this thesis statement.

All the thesis papers are different. Some of them teach the readers, while others persuade the audience. Your major intention behind composing the paper is the most important factor to you. When you are writing an analytical paper, you have to break down the topic for assessing it. Similarly, in case of argumentative paper, you need to present the content in a different way. It is always better to address one issue for your thesis paper. You will easily be able to find the evidences that back up your issues.

You must be dynamic in making arguments. You have to find out the new claims that easily stimulate the readers. Your arguments have to convince the readers to read your education thesis fully. You have to make this question to yourself. Your thesis paper reveals what you have found from your research. Thus, you have to prove something by writing your thesis paper.

While you are writing a thesis statement about education , you have to find out a new information in this field. Your findings will direct the readers to a new path. Thus, start finding the evidences to make your thesis paper provable very easily. The academic thesis papers are mostly the assignments of the college or university professors. While your instructor is the reader of this thesis, you have to focus on this fact.

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You must compose the thesis statement properly.