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By reflecting in this way, you can put yourself in the mindset of the admissions office that will be asking themselves the same question.

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What can this applicant share with the University of Michigan? For many students, the issue is the focus. Because each person does in fact belong to multiple communities, some of which overlap in very powerful ways, choosing just one can be very difficult.

Therefore, this essay more so than others might be more challenging -- but rewarding! Start a wholly new document or page, without any of your other application materials nearby, and take your time writing out any community that comes to mind, regardless of its size, location, unity, or widespread fame.

This allows for some more unrestrained thinking.

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For some people, these questions might be easy to answer, and the most influential community jumps off the page. If you fall into this category, express that excitement and passion in your essay! For those that find it more difficult to choose a community, you can write about a community that might not be as "formally" considered a community. You can prompt creative thinking by asking yourself what you do with your extra time, where your head wanders when you're daydreaming, or who you turn to when you have a bad day. These questions, though more abstract, can make you realize that you belong to communities of people who might not be as visible in your day to day life.

You might realize that you daydream in your second language, making you belong to a community of bilinguals.

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You might go see your grandmother across town when you have a bad day, making you associate certain feelings with her house and neighborhood. These are all communities that you might not be exposed to in a direct sense all too frequently that can also make very powerful essays.

Though this essay will take shape in different ways for different people, it is wholly important that you do not use this essay as an opportunity to brag! You have many opportunities in your application package to show off your accomplishments, but this is not one of them. Use this essay to discuss your background, and do it in a way that allows enough focus to provide insight into how this community has shaped your character.

This is a favorite essay prompt of schools that asks "Why this major, at this school?

University of Michigan Supplement Essays

However, it is extraordinarily important to note that this is not an essay that can be reused across schools. There are two major pitfalls for this kind of essay.

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The first is that students will attempt to merely change the name of the university within one stock essay and use it to apply to several schools. Do NOT do that! The reasons you list for wanting to go to the University of Michigan should be thoughtful and based on your genuine research of the school. Both my parents immigrated to the United States from China. Neither of my parents pursued a college education—my dad dropped out of high school to help support….

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It makes people squirm in their seats. Avoid eye contact. Talk in hushed voices. This year it was a fellow classmate, whom I never got to know. A year ago, it was a young middle school student who rode my…. One of my greatest joys in the world is the feeling of ice crunching under my skates.

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I love playing ice hockey. It has been a major part of my life since I was seven years old. I started out figure skating, then one day…. Select the option that is right for you, but only submit one application for admission. MSU has no preference for which application you submit. Start your application. As part of the undergraduate application for admission, each applicant is required to submit one essay minimum words, maximum words from the list of prompts.

The essay may be considered as a positive factor to enhance admissibility as well as for scholarship consideration. Essay prompts for the application for admission:. The writing portion is recommended, but not required.